Create Your Dream Home

Whenever we think of renovating our home, the first thing that comes to mind is to change the furniture and upholstery. Sometimes the entire home needs to be restored but at times only one room needs to be refurbished. At such times do not rush to the nearest store and buy the first decent piece of furniture that you see. One thing is for sure that furniture is like other investments. This is for long term and you need to be sure about a piece of furniture before you decide to buy it and make it a part of your home.

If it is the living room, then deciding the décor depends upon the fact that the family and friends spend a lot of time in this room. Therefore, it should have enough comfortable space for everyone and at the same time reflect your personality. Even if you are alone, you would like to relax and unwind here with a book after a long day at work. So think of comfortable sofa, side tables and a foot rest and other things. Make it as comfortable and cosy as you can.

Similarly, for dining room, the decision depends on the size of the room, size of the family, the eating habits of the family and future expansion plans. Before deciding on the shape of the table and number of chairs, think carefully. The material of the table top and legs and upholstery will depend upon the kind of use that you envisage in future. You can opt for a glass, wood or marble top depending on your choice. Our dining table sets are on the rise and very popular. These are on the wish list of many people due to their contemporary and modern designs. We do have classic designs that cater to a huge population.

Bedroom is the cosy, private space and you have the liberty to design it the way you want with help of those experts at archers sleepcentre your choices will depend on your individual taste, but with greatest advice possible you’ll be more satisfied. You may like the old school furniture with dark wood textures and decorative detailing or contemporary geometrical straight lines or white furniture in minimalistic designs. The final decision will be in accordance with your aesthetic choices.