The importance of maintaining your bird feeders

Bird feeders are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. They are important additions for a number of reasons:

  • They serve the purpose of attracting a number of bird species to your garden or backyard
  • They have the ability to give your outdoor space character
  • They provide passing birds with food and water

Certainly the main purposes for having these feeders is to provide food to the various birds that might be flying around while serving as a decorative outdoor item that can take a dull outdoor space into something fabulous.

However, when you place cheap bird feeders in your outdoor space you are essentially creating a restaurant for your winged friends. It therefore means that you must ensure that their (the birds) ‘restaurant’ is well maintained. The maintenance of your bird’s dining area will require that you clean the feeders on a regular basis, which reduces the likelihood of the birds contracting a disease, or eating seed that is moldy.

Maintaining feeders is quite simple as all that you need to do is ensure that the food storage containers are dry and free from fungus and mold. Doing all that you can to prevent mold and fungus will make your home more appealing and healthier for your invited winged guests. Not to mention that a clean squirrel proof bird feeder looks great anywhere. You would not dine at a dirty restaurant so neither should your winged guests.

Another thing that you should do to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your birds is to have multiple feeders a couple of feet apart to prevent overcrowding. Give visiting birds options by placing feeders at varying points in your outdoor space. You can even place them at different levels. Imagine coming home to your front or backyard filled with the sights and sounds of birds that have made your garden their home. This is the joy and comfort that you can expect from having well maintained hummingbird feeders in your outdoor space. Additionally you can choose to further enhance the space by adding birdhouses and fountains to your outdoor space.