Front yard landscaping: how to create raised planting beds

Some people feel that a traditional house calls for a front yard edible garden. It complements the fa├žade so to speak. An edible garden seems appropriate for these homes along with other elements such as the pottery, plants and ornaments completing an effect that oozes charm and appeal.

For an edible garden, raised beds are needed. These are adequate homes for your vegetables and herbs. A raised planting bed sets the soil apart for cultivation and maintenance and homeowners agree that this bed type is reliable and productive.

Place of Import

Raised planting beds have better control of soil pH that effectively translates to best production of plant, vegetables and herbs. They are not subjected to foot or heavy traffic that most front yard areas may experience. This method of planting is easy to water and soaks through most of the soil and roots underneath. The structure is no wider than four feet and you can extend the raised beds for a long as you want. Generally, the raised planting beds are painless to build.

From the Get-go

Building may take some planning and resources. You mainly need materials and tools such as a saw, spade, landscape timbers, nails, roofing membrane, screws and wood sealer protectant. When you pick a site to build the bed, measure and outline it and then dig with a shovel to remove the grass within the outline. Also, dig a trench so that the first row of timbers can be placed. Lay the timbers down and level them then set the second layer and stagger the joints. Attach the set up with timber screws through the drilled holes to draw the joints in place. Finally, lay the third layer of timbers over the second, staggering the joints and drill holes for draining through the bottom row of the timbers. A landscape fabric is then placed to line the walls and bottom of the raised bed before filling it with top soil and compost for planting. You may opt to design your raised beds in specific themes and structure that highlights your own style. Planting the raised beds with flowers, herbs or vegetables is your choice.

Typically, making a raised planting bed is easy and convenient. All you need is some basic tools and the heart for gardening.