Thyme for front yards and also for your health

Often when figuring out the layout of our front yards in the spring, we don’t consider the utility of the plants we choose to plant. Esthetics is of course the primary consideration, but some plants can also create a healthy benefit beyond just looking great. Thyme is one of these plants. It is both a beautiful addition to the color palette of your front yard supplying excellent ground cover but it also has a long history of medicinal use.

Inherent Worth

Thymes or otherwise known as Thymus vulgaris has different types that serve varied purposes. The caraway thyme for example, is used in plenty of cooking recipes and the creeping pink thyme is valued for its ornamental appeal. Overall, the thyme’s main points are focused on its ability to heal and relieve many health signs and symptoms.

Thyme Therapy

Basically, thyme has an essential oil that is used for a variety of reasons. One, it can serve as a potent antiseptic and antimicrobial agent notably on conditions involving sore mouths, inflamed throats, wounds and ulcers. The herb essentially does not allow putrefaction so that it can be mixed with milk and other solutions thus preserving them for months at end. It is also effective as an expectorant and has anti-coughing elements for problems such as the upper and lower respiratory tract infections. The mechanism includes effect on the ciliary wall of the lower tract that helps in clearing up secretions and minimizes the coughing reflex of an individual. Thyme also has the terpenoid component that has oncologic properties.

Tea and Wound Time

Thyme herbs can be prepared to use as tea by crushing thyme and placing a teaspoon of it in half cup of hot water. After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, strain the solution and drink it thrice or four times a day for treatment of respiratory illnesses. For wound application, syrup can be made with thyme and chamomile to put on wound sites.

In general, thyme has so much to offer in terms of culinary, therapeutic and safety use. Time has succeeded in keeping this herb as one of the most effective treatments and supplements for most health dilemmas and ailments of today.