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Bedroom Upgrade - Consider Using LED Lights

Most of your days start and end in the bedroom. But this particular room is used for more than just sleeping, it is also used for watching TV, reading and alone time. The right lighting will either encourage those additional activities or discourage it. Add some homely character and the cosy feeling to your bedroom using LED lights. Here is how to upgrade your bedroom with LED lights.

General Lighting 

Being able to orientate and move safely around the room is the primary function of lighting and is the first type we are going to cover. Bright lights with additional LED aluminium channels, if needed, are the recommended solution for ambient lighting. For a smaller bedroom, go for a ceiling fixture. In larger spaces, opt for a rail system with LED spotlights. 

Lighting for Specific Tasks

Are you getting dressed or applying makeup in your bedroom? The answer is most likely yes, which is why apart from general lighting you might also need lights for those specific tasks. Look for LED lights that enhance the colours in an almost natural way — Philips ExpertColor might do it for you. It works particularly well with mirrors that you probably have in your bedroom. Consider extra mirror and wardrobe lighting to increase the functionality of your bedroom. 

Accent Lighting 

Finally, it is time to introduce decorative light that will be a part of your bedroom for aesthetics and breathtaking design only. For decorative illumination, you can try to track lights or spotlights to create ambience or highlight artistic elements like artworks or architectural features of the room. You can also create your own patterns and artwork with LED strip lights. Get creative and let your inner artist express your character on the walls of your most private room in the house, the bedroom. 

Choosing the Right Bulb

Choosing the right bulb for your lighting features in the bedroom will result in an increase in the quality of light and an improvement in the type of atmosphere created by the LED lights. There are two main factors that you need to consider: brightness and colour. 

As you layer your lighting, it is of most importance to adjust the intensity of light, depending on the type of lighting. 

When it comes to colour, it plays a crucial role in facilitating certain activities. White and blue light colours have been proven to promote alertness and focused activities. Lighting that diffuses warmer colours like yellow don’t interfere with melatonin production, which is a hormone that induces sleep. 

Final Thoughts

LED lights have the ability to instantly upgrade your bedroom to a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing living space. Find out what your lighting needs are, and pick a LED light that will satisfy them. It is time to elevate the quality of lighting in your bedroom.